How Universe was Created - The Beginning Of Time

Written by Arjun Vijay

Posted on October 11, 2018

From the beginning of human history, every human being had wondered the reason of this existence. But only the people with certain balance and authority within themselves went on exploring the topic. Saying universe is vast would be a terrible understatement. The whole universe is at least 250 times bigger than the observable universe and the observable universe is 93 billion light-years in diameter as it is claimed. 1 light year is equal to 9.5 trillion kilometers. The longest mission of NASA, Voyager 2 started before 35 years and it reached 15 billion kilometers. After 35 years of journey by Voyager 2, it reached just 0.15% of 1 light-year. You or the earth or even the solar system is just speck of dust in this vast existence.

Irrespective of what Einstein or anyone else said, we should understand that time is a human experience. There’s neither a big clock in the center of the universe, nor any other living beings experience time. If we can be empathetic enough and see from the eyes of existence itself, you would understand that time is no much of a consequence, everything that’s happening in this universe is here and now.

For a better understanding, get rid of the imaginary clock from your mind, including the one in your hand and look at existence as a part of existence.

The World Famous Big Bang Theory

Big Bang theory is the most accepted theory in the world. Scientist and a famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, after extensive research about the topic, concluded that everything in the universe is ever expanding. It is from this discovery, he deduced that the beginning of the universe should be a single pointed one. “What if the whole of universe is trapped in a region whose boundary shrinks to zero, nothingness?” Stephan Hawking’s actual words when he explained his Big Bang concept for the first time to his friend at a railway station. The beginning of time, almost 13.7 billion years ago, an extremely dense point of energy was created, a point which can’t be imagined by our logical mind, immediately became unstable and exploded.

This dense point of energy was in the size that is smaller than the smallest part of an atom and exploded to bigger than a galaxy. The age of the universe when the big bang happened is hundredth of a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second. All that is created, your car, house, planet, stars, galaxies, every single thing in the universe was created from that tiny speck of concentrated energy. Initially, when the time passed, it was just complex energies, no physical matter was formed.

The first ever atom was created after 380,000 years of the big bang and it was hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen atoms began to spread unevenly and formed tiny pockets throughout the space. When the atoms come in contact, gravity started playing between them. After 300 million years of the big bang, gravity continued to bring together atoms and densities started increasing rapidly.

Dust and clouds formed which caused the aggressive rise of pressure and heat. When the temperature reached 18 million degrees Fahrenheit, fusion reaction of hydrogen happened, creating helium and radiated enormous amount of energy. This phenomenon leads to the formation of the first group of huge stars; space started shining with exuberant stars. Which again undergone supernova (which means explosion of stars) and formed other denser elements. This helped to create what we know galaxies (cluster of stars), black holes, star dust (matter that failed to become stars), planets, moons, asteroids and meteorites.

Ancient Indian Astronomical Work

Creation of the universe was a hot topic in all ancient civilization and Indian Astronomical work stretches to pre-historic times.

The prized Indian astronomical work known as ‘Surya Sindhanta’ dates back more than 8000 years; there are some archeologists claim that it is around 15 to 25 thousand years. It exists way before any religion ever existed in this planet. In this book, there are almost precise calculations for distance between sun and earth, earth and moon, diameter of moon, earth and the sun, the revolution of the solar system, planetary moments and even the precise calculation of the speed of light! And all these are calculated at the time where even a lens was not discovered! The writer of Surya Sindhanta is still unknown and all the books written in India at those times were Munis and Yogis (saints who have mastery over yoga).

Before invasions happened, India was the biggest economy in the world which comprised with the average of 23% of world GDP, even bigger than the United States and the Yogis and Sadhus population in India was approximately 35%. Although there were different kings ruled in India, most of them lived in harmony, wars were fever when compared to the rest of the world and the world always recognized this piece of sub-continent as one nation known as Hind (Which means the land between the Indian Ocean and Himalayas) from the pre-historic times. There are almost 25 major scriptures like Surya Sindhanta which can put under Indian astrological works.

According to ancient Indian Scriptures, before the physical matter and energy came, there was only Shiva. Shiva is not the calendar figure that we usually see; the word Shiva literally means ‘absolute nothingness’. There is an extensive description of Shiva being pure and acute darkness which is beyond physical in nature but extremely opaque and so on. If we deduce Shiva from the scriptures with current scientific understanding, it can be said as a complete vacuum with no engagement of gravity, no pressure, no temperature, no light, and no nothing, and thus doesn’t exist in time (This definition also comes in similar to the definition of singularity in black holes because infinite gravity can be also said as zero gravity). Then according to the legends, ‘Shakti’ came and started dancing around Shiva.

Shakti literally means ‘gross existence’, which includes both energy and gross matter. Shiva, who was inert and asleep, gained high-intensity friction because of Shakti and he roared and exploded like never before in several different parts, creating ether and cosmic energy forming a Linga (means ellipsoid), which then cooled down and created Panja Bhuta means 5 basic elements of the existence consists of Bhumi (solid matter), Jala (liquid), Vayu (gas), Akash (ether or space) and Agni (fire or energy). This theory is almost similar to big bang theory; the only major difference in Indian Scriptures compared to the Big Bang is there are many big bangs across the space according to Indian Scriptures but Hawking stressed only one.

Although Nobel Prize winner and Cosmologist, Paul Joseph Steinhardt says in his book that there is a chance of many bangs in the beginning of time, this theory is not widely accepted yet.

There are many ancient theories about the origin of the universe, but our nation’s ancient astrological works clearly stands apart. All these different theories and information from scientists and our ancestors is not to make you believe or disbelieve anything, because if you believe or disbelieve something which you do not know, the possibility of knowing what it really is will be gone. It is not required to draw conclusions from any theories, because no one can ever go back and take the photographs of the beginning of time. What human race knows is very little, what we do not know is infinite. It is sensible not to draw conclusions. Try to use this limited information that we know as a tool to explore the infinite, the boundless nature of existence.

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