7 Ways to Engage your Kids Effortlessly

Written by Arjun Vijay

Posted on September 26, 2018

It is heart-breaking to see your child spends all his time on video games and cartoon. Parents sometimes feel helpless due to the amount of boredom children faces. But spending too much time on games and gadgets have dire effects in children both physically and psychologically. Studies show that spending more time on video games and gadgets will have same psychological problems as the ones who live in an abused and tortured condition. This is the amount of damage it cause and we are doing it for convenience. These are easy to implement and effortless ways to make children engage in a much more productive way.

Humongous Benefits of Outdoor Play

No matter how serious their home works are or how serious their annual exams are, make sure your children play outside for at least 2 hours. According to Kathleen Alfano, Ph.D. and former director of Child research at Fisher-Price , children are naturally wired to play outside, it increases their selfconfidence, physical strength, improved immune system and mental stability. It is a shame to our present generation that they did a research for creating awareness of this obvious thing. This is an easiest and most productive 2 hour spend in your kid’s day.

Engagement in Daily Chores

Engaging them in daily chores benefits kids to be more responsible and kind human beings, and it could help you with your work too. For instance, if you are cleaning the house, give them another mop and make them clean the house with you or if you are chopping onions, make them peel the skin or if you are cleaning a car, give them a small cloth to clean and probably have a fun-bath. If you make it a practice for as short as one month, children will love to get involved in the things you do. It is important that you give work which you are currently doing because your engagement is important. Never give a work which you are not involved, it will only isolate them.

Practice Planting

If you have a garden in your home, give them a space to plant some useful plants and make them maintain, check it on a daily basis, tell them that it is living being and it needs to be nurtured with love and care just like a dog. If you don’t have a garden and you are living in a flat, give them 3 planted pots and teach them what to do and how to nurture it. In this world full of deforestation and air pollution, it is important to develop this quality early in the children.

It would be an amazing to see a future engineers, doctors, scientists, politicians, etc., take decisions with our environment in consideration. Especially our rivers, for last 70 years, rivers are depleting nearly 40 to 45% and it predicted that within 25 years, it is going to deplete over 50% of the current water volume if something is not done to it. The only quick solution is to plant trees on the banks of rivers for at least 1km on both sides. The idea of planting and investing an emotion in it is more important than we think it is.

Make Them Tell a Story

It is a usual thing that parents tell stories to kids. But this is quite opposite, it is you make them tell stories. It doesn’t necessarily mean he should talk in English or some other language to make them give an extra pressure over their education, it is just a fun way to improve creativity and confidence to give a speech. Make them tell a story in the most comfortable language to you and the most important part is you give genuine attention.

Tell a Story Out of Your Experience

It is good to say legendary stories of love and sacrifice to kids to improve their conscience, but it is also as important as in what stories you say.

Children literally follows the stories you say, so try to take the best of your life and make a story out of it. Children can sense genuine stories and they enjoy it. Make sure it is unprejudiced and sensible, not one of the rejection stories or fantasies which will have discrimination on others. The only rule to follow is, give importance to everything, a human of any race, sex or religion, and even an earth worm as a piece of life on this earth. According to the child’s mind, everyone has the same value. If the children have increased conscience, they will transform into sensible human beings.

An Hour of Water Play

This may come to a surprise for a lot of them. Children playing with water have benefits than you can imagine. It significantly improves the immunity power, character and concentration of a child. Playing with water releases high energy that can bring a sense of calmness and happiness after the play. If you don’t have a pool nearby, just get a small bathtub and let them explore it into whatever they want in their bath time. Children are wired not to get diseases by spending 1 hour in water, it is more of a requirement for better health than just passing time. Children will look forward for it and it is an effortless productive time.

An Hour for Family Sharing

Right after the dinner would be the best time to sit for family sharing. Sit with all the members of your family and everyone should share their good and bad things about the day during that period. There should not be a detailed discussion about your money management or stock market or anything as such, it should be some fun or sad events discussion and not discussing a solution for anything. This would help them interact with you more and share their concerns and fun part of their day. It will also bring up a positive environment around them that can make strong and healthy mind.

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