Big Bang Camps


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Big Bang for (Corporates)

Support from corporate company across the country is invaluable to make positive changes in the lives of many young minds. Researches reveal that, there is a lack of science awareness in Indian educational sector. Hence, we chose to positively contribute to create a revolution in educational sector where you/your company can join hands with us to address atleast some of the issues in our education system. As a part of your Corporate social Responsibility, you can join with us in this educative and systematic journey to explore all the wonders of science with underprivileged students to understand science and math concepts easily which will help in improving the livelihood of people as well as the overall development of the country.

Big Bang for (Individuals)

Any private or public sector or any individual who are interested in this drive are cordially invited to join us in this venture to make a unpredictable change in today’s education system. A whole event could be sponsored which covers the experiment cost, transportation, logistics etc., but the cost may vary according to the number of students. A part of the event, the expense of each kid could be sponsored individually. The total experiment cost for both demos and hands-on experiment for each kid could be compensated through this cost. Experiments could also be sponsored, since we involve a good number of large scale experiments like a mini rocket launch, Fire dance, Ice waterfall etc., These includes the transportation, maintenance cost for these experiments

Big Bang Workshop

Engaging participants through various hand-on-activities and gaining their interest by tapping into their curiosity

Big Bang Kit

Curriculum mapped experiments that escort them to visualize the fascinating view of science through interactive hands-on-experiments.

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