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Our journey began via social media (YouTube and Facebook) by delivering short video blogs explaining science and engineering concepts of varying difficulty levels using their practical real world applications in the name of a channel, ‘Let’s Make Engineering Simple’ (LMES). People who started following our videos began to understand these concepts better and started to relate them with real-world applications around them. Over the past two years, we have enabled clear understanding on selected science concepts for over1+ million people through social media. At this juncture, we realized the need to take this understanding further for the development of the masses in society. Our digital selves went through a ‘Big Bang’ to come to the real world and we evolved with the concept of a science fair from LMES called ‘Big Bang’. Other initiatives like e-content development, educational TV programs have also become a part of LMES Academy. In short, our motto is to promote application based learning which facilitates the learner to understand instead of promoting rote learning. LMES Academy strives hard to create awareness about the ease of science, by bringing an attitudinal change towards science. Be a part of LMES Academy for a better education system.

About our founder

Premanand Sethurajan, a young enthusiast who is passionate about taking science to people in an easier and understandable way is the founder of LMES Academy.

He completed his engineering degree in 2006 and worked for the top aviation companies like NASA, GE Aviation, Crane Aerospace, Airbus, Boeing and Rockwell Collins in the US for around 8 years and also travelled across the globe as a part of his career. Though he was in the US, he wanted to contribute something for the society on which he grew up.

By the year of 2014 he started making videos of simple engineering and concepts in an amateur way. His videos went viral in both YouTube and Facebook which motivated him to have 1 lakh followers, and 10, 00,000+ video views as of now with 50+ videos existing online. During his two years journey of making science videos, he came to know about the inquisitiveness for science in the society. So he took this as his passion and founded LMES Academy.

Happy Clients

LMES Academy relies on client support to service as many youth as possible. Below are some of the supporters that gave their resources and time to give these young people a new perspective on learning science


Camp is an opportunity every child deserves. There is nothing quite like when the child eyes..

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Importance of Science Education

Science, engineering and technology are the..

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Picture yourself as a spectator for a magic show watching the magician levitating his subject..

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What is BigBang?

Shall we go back to our school for a moment to learn how an aircraft flies? Picture a physics..

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Picture yourself as a spectator for a magic show watching the magician levitating his subject..

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Our Services

Bigbang Camps

Engaging participants through various hand-on-activities and gaining their interest by tapping into their curiosity


Our kit engages the young scientists with our hands-on-learning experiments that will escort them to explore all the spectacular view of science..

Video Production

Enlarging the view on science through videos related to social issues, science and technology which explain the notion with simpler specifics.

Big Bang Weekend classes

Weekend classes to improvise systematic learning with higher level of thinking to compose their own project

Teacher Empowerment

Change your style of teaching by learning new techniques to engrave young minds systematically

Corporate Events

Enjoy the magical science party with our science besties and discover the fun side of science through spectacular demonstrations.

Customer Feedback

Students trained



Our Gallery


  • Aug, 2014

    Kick Start

    India’s 1st science You Tube channel in Tamil Reached 1.5 lakhs views in 7 days

  • Oct 2015

    Social Media Followers

    1 lakh followers in You Tube and facebook, 40+ videos

  • May 28, 2016

    1st Big Bang workshop

    India’s 1st innovative science workshops with spectacular experiments

  • June 16,2017

    Big Bang Kit Launch

    First ever curriculum mapped hands-on-learning kits

  • August 5,2018

    Big Bang Weekend classes

    Application-based learning in a playful environment

Final Action

In the present era of technological advancement and competition, technology gets changed within a breath of air. Technical Information & applications are on the way of geometrical progression. So we are trying to help them to synchronize with the growing technology with interest and passion.


Final Action

Join us in this scientific journey for developing and nurturing the young minds. Help them bring their unique talent out of their self bound shell and realize their inner scientist. If you want your child to become a scientist or simply to pursue science we assure you this is your best opportunity





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